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Aereo injunction may not doom Dish’s commercial-skipping service

KWIKA Partner Jonathan Steinsapir was quoted in Matthew Blake's Los Angeles Daily Journal article "Injunction on Aereo may not doom Dish's commercial-skipping service: Premium service allows subscribers to record and watch network content."  Blake questioned Steinsapir on the likelihood of Dish... Read More

Chad Fitzgerald a Panelist at Digital Hollywood Fall

Chad Fitzgerald was a panelist on The DealMaking Process: Producers, Showrunners, Actors, Directors, Agents, Lawyers - Who’s in Charge Here! at Digital Hollywood Fall. Read More

Larry Iser Contributes to Billboard Story on Litigation Battle Between Kesha and Dr. Luke

Larry Iser was quoted in Shirley Halperin and Eriq Gardner's Billboard article "Inside Kesha & Dr. Luke's Dueling Lawsuits." Read More

KWIKA wins copyright case on the film ‘Elysium’

KWIKA partners Michael Kump and Greg Korn represented all defendants in a copyright infringement action filed in 2013 by a screenwriter who claimed the motion picture Elysium starring Matt Damon and Jodie Foster infringed the copyright in his screenplay. KWIKA represented longtime client MRC, the financier and producer of the film, al... Read More